Voodoo Rituals

Voodoo Rituals

voodoo ritual is usually a set of actions a voodoo king
or queen performs. These
voodoo actions are believed  to have some symbolic voodoo value. 

The voodoo ritual which is practiced by a religion or by the traditions of a
community by religious or political laws because of the perceived efficacy
of those actions

Voodoo Rituals Explained

voodoo ritual can be performed whenever the voodoo ritual’s feels
necessary, for special occasions, or in the privacy of individual homes or communities.

Voodoo rituals can also
be performed by a
single person, by the entire organization, even  by a small group of
voodoo friends.  Voodoo rituals may be restricted in certain parts of
the community or town and can encourage or underscore the passages between
the voodoo religious or voodoo social states.

The purposes of rituals are varied; they include compliance with religious
obligations or ideals, satisfaction of spiritual or emotional needs of the
practitioners, strengthening of social bonds, demonstration of respect or
submission, stating one’s affiliation, obtaining social acceptance or
approval for some event — or, sometimes, just for the pleasure of the ritual

Rituals of various kinds are a feature of almost all known human societies,
past or present. They include not only the various worship rites and
sacraments of organized religions and cults, but also the rites of passage
of certain societies, oaths of allegiance, coronations, and presidential
inaugurations, marriages and funerals, school “rush” traditions and
graduations, club meetings, sports events, Halloween parties, veteran
parades, Christmas shopping and more. Many activities that are ostensibly
performed for concrete purposes, such as jury trials, execution of
criminals, and scientific symposia, are loaded with purely symbolic actions
prescribed by regulations or tradition, and thus partly ritualistic in
nature. Even common actions like hand-shaking and saying hello are rituals.

In any case, an essential feature of a ritual is that the actions and their
symbolism are not arbitrarily chosen by the performers, nor dictated by
logic or necessity, but either are prescribed and imposed upon the
performers by some external source or are inherited unconsciously from
social tradition.

Voodoo Rituals are what  is done during a voodoo ceremony. Vodoo
rituals often last all night. A voodoo ritual involves lots of drumming
chanting and singing. During the voodoo rituals, gifts are usually
accompanied for the gods. During the voodoo ritual, sacred drums are played
which is also played in a group of three. The bula is the smallest drum that
is played, next is the segond and the largest drum is the manman.

Voodoo rituals are believed to guide you towards the reason you are doing
the Voodoo ceremony. Rather it be for yourself, friends or a loved one. 
Voodoo is believed to make your wishes come true if you truly believe.

Voodoo Rituals Practice

Voodoo rituals and practices vary  between groups and as well as
countries. The ones who are performing the Voodoo rituals  have adapted
to the different circumstances over the years of practicing Voodoo. 
Voodoo rituals have been practiced as long as 400 years ago with the Yaruba
tribe . This tribe is located in a area of Africa, as of today comprises
Benin, Tongo, as well as areas of Nigeria. The general belief of Voodoo
rituals was one consider to be a  Superior Being, also a bunch of host
of lesser deities also known as  Loa. Voodoo rituals are performed to
keep  the Loa and happy because they processed the power to cause good
or bad in the world. Rituals were also performed to honor the Loa.

The loa are believed to be the spirits of our  dead ancestors,
supreme forces of our universe as of our every day life.Rather you are
performing a voodoo ritual for  health, evil or good.  Because of
this belief, the ‘zombie’ image became known. While playing the manman drum,
a skillfully played dancer may become possessed by the Loa. The dancer would
start trembling and  having convulsions as the spirit would enter into 
their body. Once inside ones body the Loa would than communicate through
them as well as to the entire village. The worshipper enter into a trance
like state which is known to last for several hours or even many days. Many
wait years before experiencing the spectacular event of the Loa entering
their body.