What is Black Magic? Is Black Magic used to do harm onto others?

Black magic also referred to as dark magic is a type of magic that wishes evil onto others. Black magic may be used to deliberately cause harm to a person in some way as well as malevolent acts. The alternative way to spell Black Magic is with a ‘k’ (magick). The term black magick is also known as dark magick, black magick, the dark side magick as well as the dark arts of magick.

In fiction it is referred to as evil magic. However, in modern times, people who claim to practice magic or the ones who do believe in magic, use the term Black Magic to describe harmful magic that is consider immoral. Black Magic is the opposite of white magic.

Black Magic would be used to injure, destruction or even for killing, all for the personal gain without any regard for the harmful consequences it would bring to others. Black Magic is not always used with bad intentions, some believe a person can use Black Magic for beneficial reasons such as killing of aggregating pests or even for killing off bad diseases.

Symptoms that you are under a  black magic curse  or have been wished bad luck may include the following:

You become very short tempered. You may feel impatient or even depressed, one usually develops an clumsiness that is not of themselves. People under a black magic attack expect the outcome of something to be bad or negative, and can’t see any good coming out of anything. Finally if you are cursed you will experience a great lack of concentration.
It is always good to recognize the above characteristics as they develop within yourself.

A curse of the dark arts of magick is always give signs like those, no matter what the black magic spell was intended to do. Simply, Black magic is the focusing on the bad things that happen within our everyday life. It is focused by our own negative thoughts, and are focused by our own negative thoughts. Any kind of Magic is as real as the person performing wants it to be.